Tara Conway, Director

Picture Licensing Qualification: Teacher

Education: BA Business Administration/Marketing from University of St. Thomas; Additional MA coursework in Elementary Ed and Early Childhood Ed; MBA in progress

Experience: 4 years at LKCCC (preschool and infant teacher, Assistant Director for 2 years). Nanny, 8 years; Sunday school teacher.

Started at Lexington Kids in 2008

I love working with kids because they have so much to learn and so much to offer. They are also pretty funny. I love working at Lexington Kids because every day brings something new.

You can email Tara at

Megan Ehrmantraut, Executive Director

Education: Degree from the University of St. Thomas

Experience: I have been the Executive Director for 13 years at Lexington Kids.

Ms. Denise

Substitute Staff Member

Ms. Jeanie

Substitute Staff Member


Substitute Staff Member

Ms. Tina

Substitute Staff Member

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