Bees Classroom Teachers

Ms. Dana


Ms. Kendra


Ms. LaDonna


Ms. Marivel


Busy Bees Classroom

In our Busy Bees Room, older infants and young toddlers receive nurturing and stimulating care. Our staff work hard to accommodate the needs of your child's individual schedule. In this classroom we have a staffing ratio of 1:4 as recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children to ensure quality care for this developmental period. Infants and Toddlers have opportunities to explore the world during play time and are read to by staff during story time. Children begin to develop language and large motor skills through activities supported by the teaching staff. Staff plan experiences to help infants meet the MN birth through three developmental indicators. Students receive breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack daily as per USDA requirements. We provide food that is appropriate for your child's developmental level and use meal times to help children learn table and self-care skills. Parents must provide children's diapers but we provide wipes and cloth diapers are allowed. Each child over 12 months has his or her own cot for napping. We do have the option of allowing children in this room to sleep in cribs if that is the parent's preference and all children under 12 months have their own crib.


We follow a primary caregiver model in this classroom which means that, though your child may have their needs met by any of the staff members of the classroom, one teacher will have the main responsibility of nurturing, assessing and planning curriculum for your child's needs. This models provides an opportunity for a very strong relationship with a single caregiver which research has shown provides the best environment for emotional and social development in children ages 0-3. Your child's primary caregiver will be assigned at enrollment.

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