Joeys Classroom Teachers

Ms. Christina

Ms. Crystal

Ms. Melissa

Ms. Rachel

Baby Joeys Classroom

In our Joeys Room, infants ages 6 weeks through 15 months receive nurturing and stimulating care. Our staff work hard to accommodate the needs of your baby's individual schedule. Babies have opportunities to explore the world during play time and are read to by staff during story time. Staff plan experiences to help infants meet the MN birth through three developmental indicators. An iron-fortified infant formula, rice cereal and pureed baby foods are provided by the center, we will feed your expressed breastmilk, or you are always welcome to come to our center and nurse. Parents must provide children's diapers but we provide wipes and cloth diapers are allowed. Each child has his or her own crib for napping and we always lay children to sleep on their backs. We do not allow soft objects in the cribs with infants but we do provide a Halo Innovations SleepSack® for each child to use at our center.


We follow a primary caregiver model in this classroom which means that, though your child may have their needs met by any of the staff members of the classroom, one teacher will have the main responsibility of nurturing, assessing and planning curriculum for your child's needs. This models provides an opportunity for a very strong relationship with a single caregiver which research has shown provides the best environment for emotional and social development in children ages 0-3. Your child's primary caregiver will be assigned at enrollment.

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