Penguins Classroom Teachers

Ms. Katelyn


Ms. Endia


Ms. Daniella


Penguins Classroom

In our Penguins Room, children who are ready for more structured curriculum are given a gentle introduction into the preschool environment. Shorter large and small group lessons begin to develop cognitive and literacy skills, while free-play time develops the social and emotional experiences and skills necessary for a smooth transition to preschool and kindergarten. We are a Minnesota Reading Corps site and all students begin programming in this classroom and begin tracking when they turn 3. The early literacy curriculum is supplemented with our own curriculum designed provide experiences to help children meet the MN early childhood indicators of progress and enrichment programming including weekly instruction in science, Spanish, art and music. We provide a USDA approved breakfast and snack to all students and a hot lunch option for a small fee. Parents must provide children's diapers but we provide wipes and cloth diapers are allowed. Children who are beginning potty training are supported and encouraged.


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