Lexington Kids offers a number of programming options for preschool aged students. Families should consider the Penguins and Turtles classrooms if they would like to enroll their child in full day child care with kindergarten readiness embedded throughout the day and added afternoon enrichment programs in Spanish language, science/math, art, and music.

Families looking for part-day PreK programming have 2 options. We have a part-day option in our Turtles classroom from 9:15-11:30 Monday through Friday that focuses just on the basics of kindergarten readiness. Starting the Fall of 2013, we will be launching our new, part-day Spanish Immersion preschool classroom. This room will still utilize the early learning standards of our curriculum to guide instruction but will do so completely in the Spanish language. This is a great primer for students looking to enroll in a Spanish immersion program like Adams Spanish Immersion school or for students who are already meeting pre-literacy development guidelines in English but are not yet ready or able to start Kindergarten. There is an option to attend full day programming and add the part-day Spanish immersion.

Lexington Kids also offers before and after school care options for children enrolled in public preschool programs in the St. Paul school district. Programs in the Area E (or district-wide and regional magnets) will typically bus to a child care instead of a house if requested by the parent. This option is offered at a lower rate than the typically full day program.

Lexington Kids is a Minnesota Reading Corps site and works with Americorps (the domestic Peace Corps) to ensure that our programming is helping to reduce the achievement gap in Minnesota. Teachers are provided training, coaching and incentives to implement developmentally appropriate curriculum and monitor student progress in pre-literacy skills.

Starting the fall of 2013, Lexington Kids will partner with TACSEI to further develop our classroom structure and interactions to enhance children's social and emotional development.

Unlike other sites, we do not require students to be potty trained prior to enrolling in preschool programming. We understand that children develop differently and that the ranges of normal are wide. Many students that don't yet have the physical development to potty train, do have the cognitive development to handle preschool programming.

Penguins Classroom

Our Penguins classroom is designed for our youngest preschoolers ages 31-48 months. Students who are 2-3 school years away from starting Kindergarten will learn the basics of how the classroom works and begin to develop pre-literacy, social, and emotional skills necessary for PreK work.

Turtles Classroom & English PreK

Our Turtles classroom is designed to prepare children ages 3-5 for kindergarten in a safe and nurturing environment. Students spend up to 2 years in this room with the goal that older children spend their first year learning from older students the rules and procedures for the preschool classroom and the second year modeling for younger students. Mixed age classrooms are utilized in the Montessori environment and were also favored Vygotsky whose research and theory forms the base of most developmentally appropriate programs.

Spanish Immersion PreK

Before/After PreK Care


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