Toddlers are going through an exciting time as they transition out of babyhood physically able to explore the world around them but still learning how to interact socially, communicate and respect the world around them. We have found that a focus on solid relationships through a primary caregiving model helps develop the emotional security to explore freely in the world. Lower ratios help toddlers explore safely.

Lexington Kids has two classrooms licensed and developed to meet the needs of toddlers. Our older infants and young toddlers, typically ages 12-20 months, are cared for in our Bees classroom. A softer environment ensures that our early movers can explore safety and experience more engaging equipment and activities. Our older infants, typically ages 18-33 months, are cared for in our Monkeys classroom. A more structured day and splitting the group into smaller primary groups helps keep students engage in learning activities and prevents more challenging toddler behaviors.

Monkeys Classroom

Infant/Toddler flex room to care for 12 older infants and younger toddlers, currently enrolling students ages 6 months through 20 months. Classroom ratio of 1 teacher for 4 students.

Owls Classroom

Toddler classroom for 16 children between the ages of 16 months and 36 months. Classroom ratio 1:6.

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