Turtles Classroom Teachers

Ms. Bri


Ms. Emily


Turtles Classroom

In our Turtles Room, children who are going to start school in 1-2 years are engaged in a curriculum to prepare them for entering Kindergaten. A balance of child-directed and teacher-led activities give children the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language developmental experiences needed to succeed in school. Staff provide experiences to help children meet the MN early childhood indicators of progress. We are a Minnesota Reading Corps site this year so our literacy programming aligns with what is taught at St. Paul Public Schools but is supplemented with our curriculum and enrichment programming including weekly instruction in science, Spanish, art, and music. We provide a USDA approved breakfast and snack to all students and offer a hot lunch option for a small fee. Parents must provide children's diapers but we provide wipes and cloth diapers are allowed. Children who are potty training are supported and encouraged.

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